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The International Percussions Festival (IPF) is a non-profit organization, a multicultural, multidisciplinary, international and a family event, which offers a unique adventure in the fascinating universe of world percussions.
One of a kind, it invites people of all ages to discover and immerse themselves in a musical and colorful universe. A multidisciplinary festival where festivalgoers are encouraged to watch and participate in the event.
All kinds of performance is offered and representing every corner of the globe.
Over the past 15 years the IPF has brought you to a different destination each year and has provided you with an opportunity to discover all aspects and magic of world rhythm through dance, music, percussions and art!


The festival changes theme each year to ensure a fresh lineup and adds new activities every year.
The International Percussions Festival’s (IPF) aim is to support and promote artistic and cultural community. As such, it participates in the economic and cultural development of the surrounding area. Every year the Festival celebrates a different country and invites visitors to become fully immersed in the event by participating in activities, workshops, etc. and thus become a spectator and actor of the cultural and musical trip.


The festival’s mandate is to change the public’s perception of percussions. It also aims to support and promote the cultural community of the metropolitan area (music and dances schools, associations, and artists).

  • Extend the festival’s media coverage to all over Quebec and internationally;
  • To be recognized in Quebec as one of the must-attend event of the area;
  • Keep developing new partnerships with local and international communities;
  • Become the reference in terms of percussions in Quebec;
  • Mid-term objective, provide more employment opportunities;
  • Short-term objective, create a self-sustaining part of festival activities by implementing paying shows.


  • « Grand Tourism Prize (regional award) of Montérégie 2014, Grand Jury Prize » » in the « Jury’s favorite » category with « Special Distinction »
  • « Grand Tourism Prize (regional award) of Montérégie » in « Festivals and Events » category in 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2013
  • « Touristic Excellence Award » of Montérégie Desjardins in 2011;
  • « Cultural Event Grand Prize » of 2009 Longueuil Culture Gala;
  • Prix « Coup d’éclat » Prize of 2010 given by Festivals et Événements Québec (Quebec Festivals and Events) for the promotional campaign of our ecofriendly actions.
  • Prix «Claude Gladu cultural Event » Longueuil Cultural Gala on 2009.


In 2016, for its 15th anniversary, the IPF is taking you back into music, culture and dances of all the countries that were celebrated in the past! Therefore, Brazil, Cuba, Guadeloupe, Spain, Mexico, Australia, Japan and France will be celebrated again!
A rhythmic journey around the world awaits you!